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Carolina de Moras shows her new life with her female website Glamorama

Author: Carlos Zúñiga Jara / December 14, 2018

After eight years work without stopping and on screen, as main impressions not only in the morning, but also by the Vineyard Festival, Carolina de Moras -MIX HERE ALL PHOTOS – for the first time planning a vacation as it should.

But again, it will only be a few days of rest, for now she has another but equally important responsibility: she is the creator, the face and her own boss at, the female website that she debuted with everything and successfully.

The big and hardworking Carola shared the Glamorama section, released on Friday in the La Cuarta newspaper -MIX HERE, THE PRINTED VERSION – one of her intense days and evaluates this step on the screen to the Internet.


"I get up at 6 because my daughter is still not leaving school. I take breakfast, I'm bathing, I help her get dressed and prepare. It's on the bus, or sometimes I'll leave it to me, write 7.

"I usually try to go to the gym at 8.30. Everything depends For example, I had my daughter's presentation at school today. I came out of the hook, I went to the gym and then I go to many meetings. When I'm at Moom, meet I with brands, people or people who want to work with me.

"I'm going to look for Mila type 14.30. We have lunch in the house, and I continue with meetings or footage to Moom.

"I go back to writing 19 to be with my daughter and put her to bed. Many days I have guidelines or I have to attend events as a guest or encourage them. I will be back at midnight, it is my time limit to go to bed. Sometimes I empty myself later, and I go to bed type 1 – 1.30 ".


"I try to go to the gym every day. I organize: I go very early or lunchtime if I have room or at 20.30 – 21 if I do not have anything in the afternoon but it costs me more because I'm being dragged . It's much harder, even if I try to do it.

"Sometimes I have time and I work for one and a half hours, sometimes only half an hour.

"I have a super personal routine by José Gómez, I only train with him. It's a fitness format that only works with advice, personally, so it's more productive. If I'm free, I'll stay cardio or if not , I prayed and I walked.

"The routine varies every day. One day I have weight, another is more dynamic, another is functional. It's not always the same." I'm also relieved. I'm restless and sporty. I like being flexible. I work so hard that I feel I can mobilize. "

It feeds very well

"I'm starved to death (laughs). Like enough, I'm trying to feed myself. Some say you have to leave the rice, the masses, the carbohydrates. And when you exercise a lot, you need energy and it comes from carbohydrates .

"I also eat lots of protein, ham, chicken, eggs. Every morning I eat three scrambled eggs. When I finish training, I take advantage of taking a protein shake that is super healthy and good; or a pita sandwich with turkey ham. But always as after exercise.

"For lunch, a portion of protein with salad and a little sweet dessert to get the feeling of fullness.

"I have never been eating fritters, but if I go to a restaurant in the evening and there are some delicious chips, I eat them. When doing so much sport, you are allowed to not be strict with what he eats. I have a significant amount of calorie consumption, and therefore I can eat a little more than if I was sedentary. "

The big change

"On tv, life was a bit calmer, more routine. I was locked in one place for several hours. And now the agenda is much more free. I have activities they invite me to programs, other things. Moom takes a lot of time, especially when You make content.

"At one point today, I sit down to write. I work with journalists. We are a group of seven who participate in the page and we respond to the people and brands that come to us.

"The big difference between this and the tv is that the push clearly depends on me and my team, and on the television you meet the orders, a boss has to respond.

"Now I'm my own boss, with a project that thank God, works super well. Of course, I did not have the routine of sitting down to write in front of a computer. It still costs me. I have to force myself, set schedules. It has been a change of habit well and very difficult, which I suppose without torturing me so much. The page is a project I like, healthy, organized, contributing. I love it

"If there's anything in life, I love it, I'm working. I'm not working for moments of leisure. I've had moments where I've been hit, but I'm going anyway. And if an entertaining project (television) comes out I will supplement it. It enjoys challenging myself to learn to do other things. I enjoy it.

"This summer will finally be free. I'm planning family breaks and it's a little weird. That's something I needed. I've been pushing for a long time. Now it's time to be more relaxed."

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