Friday , December 4 2020

Case Catrillanca: The defense of ex-Carabinero's analyzes upsets the body to verify that there were no shots on the comunero

The defense of former officials attributed by Camilo Catrillanca's crime He asked for a reconstitution of the scene. He also informed the prosecution that it is analyzing the request to wipe out the body of society.

Lawyer Javier Jara told La Tercera that this measure would be requested "in case of need". The lawyer represents three of the four former carabineros involved in the murder of Catrillanca.

However, the defender confirmed the request for reconstitution of the scene to "determine the dynamics of the shot and their orbit along with the position of the police officers and the instructions of the helicopter given".

Upgrading Catrillanca

The request to abolish the community member is based on statements by the former carabinieri he defends. These ensure that there were no direct shots at Catrillanca or the minor accompanying him. But the 12 shots were made to the bottom of the tractor, where both were mobilized.

This version differs from what the prosecutor maintains, which according to the autopsy of SML claims that a bullet hit directly in his head.

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