Wednesday , January 27 2021

Chadwick announced delays in Ercilla and controlled the impact of Carabineros in the death of lonko Mendoza Lebu

"The actions have been initiated to get the right, by court decision, countries that have been illegally taken and we are waiting for the mayor of Ercilla (José Vilugrón) to allow us to postpone the municipality," said the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, regarding land admission and municipal dependencies, recorded in the last days.

These facts rose after it was known that during the lonko Juan Mendoza Lebu, third parties had participated.

Along with reporting 18 complaints of acts of violence in La Araucanía, the minister also said that "there are more than 15 people detained."

They will invoke the law on state security

In that line, he confirmed that the State Security Law will be invoked against those who are perpetrators of violence or incitement to it.

"There are more than 208 new carabineros currently redoubling and reinforcing support in the face of these violent acts that have taken place," the authority added.

Finally, it is discarded that in Mendoza's death, Lebu is involved in carabineros. Consulted if the judge of Angol, who takes the case, is targeting troops, Chadwick said, "I can't point out anything in exactly, but no, we're not talking about any kind of officials or officials".

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