Wednesday , January 27 2021

Chantal Gayoso and Hernán Arcil will contest the forced region Viña 2019 by TVN

The first generation "Red" dancers Hernán and Chantal, was chosen by TVN to represent the channel in the candidacy of the kings in Viña Festival 2019.

The announcement was made in the afternoon of Monday, in a new episode of the summer season of the status signal youth room.

This was the message from Rodrigo Díaz and Maura Rivera, which were shared on social networks:

The reactions to the channel's decision were immediately marked on Twitter: The program's supporters did not at all like the idea that Gayoso raises a candidacy for the competition in parallel with the competition.

Many expressed their annoyance with various publications, where they also claimed that the dancer's speech should have been for Geraldine Muñoz.

So much Chantal as Geraldine appeared among the most talked about topics in the social network.

These were some of the messages:

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