Friday , November 27 2020

Chaos Latin Gamers returned to victory against XTEN Esports

Start the penultimate week of competitions in League Movistar Latin America. the Playoff They are approaching and the teams have to fight the end to enter the next phase.

Chaos Latin Gamers against XTEN Esports, duel, which marked a good start for the rhinoceros, which did not fall into error and controlled the game at all times and thus achieved an important point that installed them shortly in sixth placewho weighs his supremacy in front of the team XTN.

The first blood fell in favor Chaos Latin Gamers in 4 minutes starting with a Shadow arrives to use his skinning, forcing the answer off DC Starleft in a bad position allows Fix Accept more lances to end his life.

KLG He was cautious as the clock evolved and avoided starting matches to maintain the small advantage gained at the start of the match.

Despite being a disadvantage XTEN Esports managed to take the lead from the goals and respond to two carriers of your rivals with the railway tower higher and center, Besides The Herald of the Scream in 18 minutes

Chaos Latin Gamers would give a blow to take Baron Nashor in 26 minutes starting, this while Fix with Kalista He distracted his rivals from farmeando in the center lane.

The game would end up under control of the rhinos 29 & # 39;where to choose the shooting game KLGgave the opportunity XTEN Esports going to the underworld's dragon, a situation that would end for the team on the blue side with a theft of a part of frost Strike, this while Nate stunned his rivals with his final, leaving the marker 11 to 3.

With this victory Chaos Latin Gamers extreme pressure to Furious Gaming and XTEN Esportsthat matches the X team.

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