Friday , December 4 2020

Cheerleader Jessica Abudine spent 15 days in bed the first few days after birth to lose weight

Jessica Abudinen was a mother two months ago by her fourth child, although this time the recovery after birth was in a very different way, since she subsequently lost 15 kilos thanks to the process prescribed by her doctor after having underwent a caesarean section: "He forced me to recover in another way."

"He sent me to rest for 15 days. He told me," we need to make an old-fashioned recovery. Do you remember when the mothers before did not move and they even had to take their babies to breastfeed? Likewise. & # 39; And I did. I just let myself be loved, "said the cheerleader, who had no problem during these two weeks.

In conversations with LUN, Dr. Edison Krause, gynecologist at the Alemana Clinic in Temuco, says this is an unusual practice that warns that "it is more important to rest after a normal delivery than a caesarean because there is a greater risk of prolapse (cervix) and complications in the pelvic floor. (…) maybe she had some complications in the operation, it would be the only thing that would justify so many days in bed, "the doctor analyzed.

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