Friday , October 22 2021

"Chile was very precious, we lacked aggressiveness"


Rönes coach said that many times they let play more than they should.

Reinaldo Rueda analyzed with broad concepts of the Chile defeat against Costa Rica. "It's very clear that we did not play well. There were factors in the first time that decided. With their presence they avoided our run and we made no moves known, which did not spark play what they wanted, they are very strong in the matching game and Johnny (Herrera) has to take a long time, which is not our strength. There we lost confidence. The duels were very strong, in the returns, both above and below the floor. We were very loyal, very noble and we lacked aggressiveness in some passages. They played a perfect game that gives us a difficult lesson. They made us look bad, we lost as a local, we did not answer well. Maybe to save the shame, the character, but in two quiet balls and a counterattack … With Óscar Opazo to update the defensive area, we would be exposed to his game for a long time, he said.

"They set us to play what we do not know how to play. Sometimes you have to remember basic ABC concepts, repeat them (…) Until today we had a percentage that may not be ideal, but 57 percent over eight matches. The theme is collective. We knew Costa Rica made that strategy and it is valid. Our possession is superior, but in the defensive phase we were very soft, we saw, we did not group well, we were very loyal. It does not go through a player. There were passengers where we met again with what Chile knows how to do, but very little, "he added.

Wrong in the background he said it "It's like when you have a bad neighbor: if you make a lot of space, you'll feel down. It's not the defensive line, it's the whole team's defensive phase. If we have pressed, the opponent will not be so easy. The analysis must be global. There is a naivety in Enzo (Roco). He is injured in minutes before and because he does not turn in, he pays for it at the corner park. Perhaps they do the same goal or not. But already with 0-1 and knowing that they were playing instead of playing with another center like Kuscevic, I preferred to put Gary (Medel) in the rhythm of the game as we would move forward and strengthen the middle. We were very noble and Lorenzo (Reyes) came well. "

Finally he said so "When the results are not achieved, the environment is not the best, you are filled with distrust, but it will be a mood, the conviction about us, the group, the management, the fans' support. A major crisis is being strengthened and something positive can come out. One year and a month ago, the team did not play at home, we brought a mental burden and we know there is karma for not qualifying for the World Cup. The fans have forgiven and loved again, it is the law to forgive and to love again, to reunite. Changing big, successful men is not easy. We are on that road and we hope we react. "

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