Sunday , January 17 2021

Chuquicamata paralyzed by three unions: "most get sick"

The full lame is Codelco's Chuquicamata division after mobilization by trade unions 1, 2 and 3, which brings together 5,000 workers, requiring that the current administration no longer violates agreements and threats to union members.

Liliana Uguarte, President of Trade Union No. 2, confirmed that all the doors to Codelco's facilities were blocked, a situation that initially led the workers, and so remains in the administration itself, preventing the passage, said the leader association.

"We do not know what the purpose is for all people to go down on foot, we have groups of one hundred, two hundred and three hundred workers who go down, either among Codelco's people and third parties, it has been a caravan of people marching "detailed Ugarte.

In case of work, the President of Trade Union No. 2 explained that there were some plants that operated under supervision, but that situation gradually decreases until total paralysis.

"Now all people are evacuated, where trip 6 will not be able to enter. Most of trip B did not come in. They continued to work with some people at the shift. A few more hours," said Liliana Ugarte Aton Chile.

Plan for exit

For the leader, the situation was triggered by the various violations of the collective agreement on health, which in particular adds to the administration's zero response to the process of releases that will be when you move to the working state underground.

"In the last collective agreement, we agreed that the transformation will be by both parties. It has not been respected. The administration is to promote a transformation into" blood and fire "that threatens workers. Here is a climate of terror," said the employee representative.

In relation to the pension plan for employees, the company has not offered any healthcare cover. It is worth mentioning that it is estimated that there will be an approximate surplus of 1,700 workers when the work is underground, where there are 946 vacancies.

"Most people get sick, no one goes healthy for us, basically, and it's not there," he said.

Another point is that the current administration of Codelco Chuquicamata wants to separate workers who want to go to the underground mine, and then rehire them with fewer benefits than they currently have.


Liliana Ugarte, indicates that today is an important day for Codelco, as the melting of concentrates will stop.

"The administration says it will last for three months, but we think it will be much more, this time they will only sell concentrate and it is a huge loss for Codelco and the state of Chile." We are not a company that sells concentrate, but what is the profit that Codelco has added value, "he said.

Currently, Ugarte is warned, the paralysis continues until the management of the Chuquicamata Division is not going to speak.

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