Thursday , January 21 2021

CMR launches new service: opens a virtual credit card and instantly purchases with a single click

Customers can remove plastic, in the branches of Banco Falabella and CMR Falabella.

CMR does not waste time and today announces market to a service "unique in Latin America". Customers can open their CMR credit card in the purchase process of and use it immediately Access to the benefits and discounts associated with the card and accumulating CMR Points.

In addition, customers can remove plastic, branches of Banco Falabella and CMR Falabella, to continue using the card in other stores.

General manager of Banco Falabella and CMR Falabella, Alejandro Arze, explained that "we want to create a digital ecosystem with physical presence." This new service, developed by our Digital Factory, is a pioneer in Latin America and responds to this strategy. customers a portfolio of comprehensive products and more flexible and simple services"He also added that work is being done to make this alternative available in the future on other websites in the various Falabella business units.

With Digital Factory, the company has incorporated new features such as increasing the number of its online maps on the web and in the app, exchanging the gift card for the CMR Points program via the application or launch of the virtual wallet. in connection with Google Pay.

The company currently has about 3 million active credit cardswhich represents 30% of the market in number of customers, and has the most recognized loyalty program on the market: CMR Puntos.

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