Tuesday , November 24 2020

Colo Colo | Juan Carlos Gaete and his message to fans albos: "I hope to give everything when I return"

"I hope to give everything when I return," said the player who will be playing loan for Deportes Santa Cruz this year.

Juan Carlos Gaete, this year's character in Chilean football He spoke again after long weeks of silence.

The player of Colo Colo, who will be playing at Deportes Santa Cruz this year, sent a message to fans albos. "I hope to give everything when I return" said the attacker in statements reproduced by the newspaper La Cuarta.

Gaete made it clear that he is only focused on Santa Cruz and the first B. "The most important thing is to concentrate on this season, I know the division and I want to be promoted with this team", She closed.

The words of the former Cobresal striker come only a few days after he was introduced to the sixth regional team. Back then, in an unusual event, he didn't want to send out press releases.

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