Wednesday , January 20 2021

Costa Rica warns of measles expansion in America asking for caution | People

The Costa Rica Social Security Fund warned Tuesday about the expansion of measles in America and asked parents to vaccinate children between 15 months and 10 years from this Wednesday.

The Coordinator for Caja's Immunization Program, Leandra Abarca, explained in a press release that there are cases in, among other things, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, USA, Canada, Chile and "the migration that usually occurs during this time of year favors the entry of the virus into the national territory."

In view of this situation, the authorities invited children over 15 months and under 10 years to be vaccinated against this disease as they are most vulnerable to being infected with this virus, which may be fatal.

"We pray all families who have children between these ages to get them vaccinated in an extraordinary immunization day that begins tomorrow and it will last until February," said Abarca.

The Costa Rica Social Security Fund acquired 770,000 doses to protect the same number of minors presenting to medical centers in the country.

Data from the institution show that the number of confirmed cases of measles in US countries increased from 1 December 2018, with a total of 16,304 cases confirmed by the laboratory.

The most affected countries are Brazil with a total of 10,163 cases, followed by Venezuela with 5,643, the United States with 220 cases, Colombia with 169 and Chile with three imported cases.

The last autochthonous case of measles confirmed in Costa Rica was in 2005, whereas in 2014 the country reported an imported case.

According to the authorities, measles are a very serious contagious contagious disease that is transmitted in a very easy way between person and person and which may have complications including death.

For the expert It covers the increase in the case of this disease in America "makes it necessary to strengthen all available mechanisms in the country to avoid infection."

Some recommendations include washing your hands with soap and water to avoid conglomerate sites, if you leave the country and in case of fever, body aches or cough after 22 days after returning from your trip, contact your doctor immediately.

Measles can cause complications such as ear infections and diarrhea, pneumonia, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), blindness and even death.

The last time the institution implemented a campaign of this type was in 2011 and coverage was 93 percent, so the authorities expect an equally positive result.

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