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Critique of Rome, the cinema championship of Alfonso Cuarón

Critic of Rome, the masterpiece of the Mexican film director of Alfonso Cuarón, arriving at Netflix digital platform on December 14 after a limited release at the Verdi theaters in Madrid and Barcelona.

Absence of extradental soundtrack, a raw black and white and a witness's camera, dive into a story where intimate drama and social tragedy are mixed. It could be traced from an Italian neo-realistic film in the late 40's, but that's it movie ROMA, a rare event in the 21st century, which in itself becomes it 2018 best movie.

Alfonso Cuarón have fixed a sand masterpiece of cinema: one of the movies that are no longer made and where he explores his own experiences and in his words realizes a "ode to matriarchy"He says that he used his experiences as a child to pay tribute in one way or another to the women who traveled him.

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We are located in the 70's of Colonia Roma, which is close to the city center, in Mexico City, where a family of high-rise citizenship, formed by Mrs Sofia (Marina de Tavira), her husband and their four children lives. Cleo works in the house (Yalitzia Aparicio), a young native girl who together with Adela (Nancy Garcia) is the main responsibility for the care of the four children in the house, of order and cleanliness.

Cleo is the backbone of a family who is experiencing difficulties when the relationship between his patrons is getting worse and she is involved in problems that put her to trial.

There is a moment of viewing movie ROMA where it completely destroys you and you realize that you have forgotten that there is a camera that guides you through history: such is the strength of the realization of the Mexican director who is also the author of the script and responsible for photography, two of the most outstanding sections that can be pointed out.

It's easy to enjoy the aesthetics film on Netflix, since even the level that may seem trivial is relevant to the development of history. It is one of these stories that has many inner rhymes and where there are situations that predict what to come when they come across these impressions in an entirely natural and not artificial way. There is no sad passage supported by violins, but everything comes to you in the raw: "Like life yourself", if you want, so empathy with the protagonist is not only inevitable, but extremely simple.

the Director Alfonso Cuarón He has always been very loud and it's almost impossible to get his movie out of his head: And your mother too, men's children or Gravity are three of the strongest titles that mark his career and are characterized by making a very interesting use of sound for a very solid argumentative force and for seeing the viewer very strong emotions.

Rome get all the above and much more: breathe true every moment you go back in time so it seems that there is no object to reach your eyes and even more, it reaches your heart in a brutal way because it simmers. And it leans and moves in different circles: the family, one shared by the two nannies, Cleo's intimacy and a bigger plan that concerns the social moment they live, which of course will mark the future of all these planes.

"We're alone, Cleo," says Sofia to Cleo at one point, and that's exactly what Cuarón wants to portray: How, in the absence of a male presence, life goes on and we have to move forward and breaking the appearance of false happiness, minimizing the impact of this void on children's lives and working day after day to break the band that unites them.

Interpretation of Yalitzia Aparicio It exceeds the story by the way. The actor debuts with this film and does it in an unforgettable way with a role that will give her many pleasures. In fact, I was a teacher in Oaxaca and did not dedicate me to acting before this movie, I did not even know Cuarón's work before I started this adventure. He speaks Mixtec, a dialect that can be heard at different times in Rome, and said to have been interested in the film to provide visibility to their language, identity and culture.

Rome is a before and after for Netflix: I had never had a film of this caliber and its limited edition in Verdi cinemas in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which has been crowded since it was released on December 5, confirming that the public's interests are obvious. Having said that, the platform can be more beneficial as a touch of value and prestige than as an instant hit. Our advice: see it, savor it, let it pull you and see where it takes you. Experience tells us that it is not a direct dart to the heart.


Alfonso Cuaron's recent work can only be described as a cinema championship: he plays in a different league relative to the rest of the year. Fascinating, captivating and moving everything in it's special.

The best

It's a film that magnetizes your eyes: it's impossible to stop watching the screen from the foreground. It seems very simple, but it has many layers.

The worst

It starts in a very calm way, it may seem that "nothing happens" when in reality everything happens: you need patience.

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