Wednesday , January 20 2021

DC deputies accuse butter campaign against judgment that sentenced 6 people to Case Frei national

From Christian democracy They charged a campaign to abuse the judge's verdict Alejandro Madridwho sentenced six people in case of the murder of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Phalanx will request an opinion from the Principal Council for comments from the Principal of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sánchez, who supported two doctors – Hemler Rosenberg and Sergio González, from the Institute of Pathological Anatomy of this Study House – through a column of opinion published in El Mercurio .

A defense criticized by Christian Democratic MPs Matias Walker and Gabriel Silber, who argued that they would request a statement from CRUCh, in light of what they describe as inappropriate from a campus receiving state resources.

In phalanx, they also insist on the expiration of assistant assistant networks, Luis Castillo, which they point to as a passive accomplice in the murder of exmandatario.

The president Sebastián Piñera was heard today about the continuity of Castillo, but avoided referring to the situation and said that he will pay attention to what will be the appeal phase

The morning of this Monday, in conversations with Expreso Bio Bio, Doctor Lake Patricio Silva, Felipe Silva, criticized those who defend a sentence which, in his opinion, is full of error.

Also in connection with this case, Monday's results from the Cadem study showed that 62% of investigated people believe the former president was killed, while 25% tend to comment on medical malpractice and 13% due to complications derived of the operation.

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