Thursday , January 21 2021

Deputy Nuyado arrives at the interpellation next to the father of Camilo Catrillanca

The parliamentary member commences at. 15.15 to Congress, moments before the start of the interpellation of Minister Andrés Chadwick, for the violence situation in La Araucanía.

In 1515 hours, PS Emilia Nuyado's deputy is expected to arrive at Congress to initiate the interpellation of the Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick because of the violence situation in La Araucanía and the murder of Mapuche member Camilo Catrillanca on November 14, which has released a crisis before for carabineros.

The MP arrived accompanied by Comunero father, Marcelo Catrillanca. Both come in through Victoria Street.

The example in Parliament is expected to start at 4:00

To the apartment, each of the 155 deputies is expected to invite a person to witness the questionnaire of the Interior Minister from the chamber's galleries.

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