Friday , January 15 2021

Diario Salud – Advice on Living 100 Years

Can we become centenarian, live 100 years, introduce a number of changes in our lifestyle? According to biologist Valter Longo, one of the most prestigious researchers in aging and known as "Guru of Longevity" by magazine & # 39; Time & # 39; the ability to keep us young and even reigenerate, is in us, and we can reprogram our cells and reduce risk factors for many diseases.

"Diabetes, cardiovascular and autoimmune pathologies, Alzheimer's or cancer can be prevented using a diet that reduces the risk factors associated with these diseases, based on habits in the world's longest populated population." says specialist in his recent book "The Longevity Diet & # 39; or DDL.

It also ensures that Restoring and maintaining a healthy body and fulfilling more than 100 years is possible and is in our hands, after a food program, almost vegan, with two or three meals a day spread over 12 hours and more fast per year, added a number of recommendations of exercise.

Its plan is based on habits and feeding of the populations reaching the most advanced ages, such as Calabria, Okinawa, Loma Linda, California, and others in Costa Rica, Greece, Ecuador, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands, which he investigated in a "trip around the world in search of secrets of longevity" as he confesses.

This trip is done with yours Research in genetics and molecular biology, on the relationship between nutrients and the genes that control cell protection, stem cells and regeneration, for "Understand how we can stay young and healthy as long as possible"he explains.

Source: Efe Salud

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