Tuesday , November 24 2020

Discover a bug in your bank and get $ 1 million from ATMs

The South China Morning Post revealed the case Qinheng Qin, responsible for technological development center of Huaxia Bank in Beijing, porcelain.

Two years ago he found one failure that prevented registration withdrawal of money close to midnight at the ATMs.

In 2016, it introduced computer codes to prevent alarms from sounding, so it began to withdraw from ATMs between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000, corresponding to $ 740 and $ 2,965, respectively, transcribing the publication.

The error exploited the fact that the bank used for testing, but in an inspection they did from another Chinese city, they found the irregularity.

Huaxia Bank reported theft to the authorities in January 2018, when the employee already had repurchases of more than seven million yuan, more than million dollars.

Qisheng Qin never warns of the mistake and two months later he was arrested.

In his defense, the computer specialist showed that he did so to analyze security errors on his own and all returned money.

The money was on his account on the one hand and the other invested in the stock market.

Although it violated the security legislation, Huaxia Bank accepted the employee's explanation and lost the charges.

But China's justice rejected the arguments because the engineer kept the money all the time and even earned a profit, so in December he was imprisoned; in January he appealed to the Boards of Appeal, which held the decision in late January and finally gave him 10 and a half years prison.

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