Monday , January 25 2021

DrefQuila presented "Aqua", his new album | community

DrefQuila, the famous Chilean stairs, released its first album called Warner Music, called Aqua.

The album contains eleven songs unreleased who already knows the first two singles: "Exhibitionist", launched a week ago, and "Faith", which accumulates more than two million visits to Spotify.

It was the same artist who explained the name of the record and assured that "the water is changing and flowing, and my life is currently alive the process I am at a time of many changes and this record reflects it with different styles and feelings … the water flows and I flow".

I do not want to be a single artist, just like most singers of my genre. I would differentiate, for me, the goal is to transcend with a complete disk that shows another phase of me … "he added.

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