Tuesday , November 24 2020

Eating quickly not only makes your stomach harmful, it also affects your heart

Some time ago we told you ConBienestar Eating fast is not good for the stomach. This kind Anxiety doesn't make you cloth enough And therefore the stomach works more to make digestion. Now, a group of Spanish researchers supplemented this information with a different risk: the heart of the heart.

According to the article published in the scientific journal nutrients. Feeding is rapidly associated with an increased risk of hypertriglyceridemia. This means that it can increase the level of triglycerides, a type of fat found in the blood and a known risk factor for heart disease.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers from Rovira in Virgili University and the Biomedical Network Research Center for Obesity and Nutrition's Physical Pathology (Spain) they examined 792 volunteers. They were asked to complete a questionnaire with their eating habits during lunch and dinner as well as their perception of the intake rate.

Thus, they observed it The average expected time for participants to eat fast was 18 minutes. In this way, those who were during this period had a 59% risk of having high triglycerides.

The rapid intake category concentrated on half of the participants (45.5%). They were followed by those who claimed to have an average intake (31.6%) and finally those who said they ate slowly (22.9%). The increase in triglycerides was due to the rate they ate.

The researchers found this here It may be due to two problems. On the one hand, high-speed eating allows the feeling of satiety to be delayed, and more foods are eaten than is needed. On the other hand, they suggest incorporating a lot of energy in a short time will stimulate the production of fat in the liver due to a sustained maximum glucose and insulin.

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