Friday , January 15 2021

"EL Morandé must be renewed"

A moved end of the year has had "Morandé con Compañía". Everything began with the reduction of two to one day in the air, which triggered Ernesto Belloni's departure after 15 years and a reduction that comes. Hard hit in the internal program.

The MCC's new scenario, which in the 2000s marked milestones along with characters like Porotito Verde, Marlén Olivari and Che Copete, are restructured today to travel. Causes enough for Kike Morandé to announce the exhaustion of "ñatito" after the project shortly after almost two decades in the air.

In this scenario, one of those who come from the comments is Vanesa Borghi, the current coanimadora, and who does not remove currently.

– How is it assessed in the internal one who lost one day?

As a signal that television and everything are changing. Many years ago, the population of this industry in a channel was all their lives and it no longer exists. It is not new that Internet and Netflix today draw attention to much more publicity and affect everything that has happened.

– But you have a product that's just for those who do not use these networks …

It is also a reality. Morandé points to another audience, of another profile, and there are people who always want the television as their main unit. I can not see my grandmother use a program to watch comics so it's an audience that should not be left behind.

"Having a day less does not look like a positive sign in that sense …

The end of Saturday is not the end of the program, but of course it is difficult. The family who work in this have children behind, marriages and Kike has been very worried about everything.

– And the end of an icon like Ernesto Belloni, how does it affect?

It's something that hurts, demoralizes and we see it coming. The work team is amazing and you need to know how to finance it, but it's not a verse that the show has to go on.

– Can you see Kike's energy for it?

I see him stuck, more concerned about the rest than with him.

– Today, humor and coverage are very questionable, how do you read it?

You understand, and you have to adapt to change, the MCC needs to be renewed as it does year after year, but I also agree that it should be for every taste, yes, to remove things like violence or abuse, but if a girl is going out into a bikini and it is not mandatory, you must also have room.

– And what are your next steps?

I have a project some time ago, something else that I can not move on, but maybe now the chance is given. I think that the production company ("Kike 21") has to diversify the offer, and it may be the moment.

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