Thursday , June 17 2021

El Tipoógrafo »The international form closes its first year on Saturday at the Codeguak circuit

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The last checkered flag of its debut period will live on Saturday, in the Codegua International Autodrome, the international formula that successfully brought South America the most modern and fastest cars on the continental circuit.

Till this ninth day of the calendar, the competition with an established champion: Martin Scuncio crowned a couple of weeks ago in the double pass at Autodromo de Huachalalume in La Serena's big year. The Argentine-Chilean rider of RS Motorsport won virtually everything he had since the first date in Temuco.

"I am very happy and happy to finally be a category champion. It was a tough, long championship." We are working hard to achieve the title. "We knew how to handle the pressure in each race," said Scuncio.

"We went from less to more, the rivals also raised their level, but we improved many things in the car and I as a rider and it gave us the advantage of never losing the points and winning", added the brand new champion with Formula International.

"It's been good. The cars are beautiful, world class. The idea is that more pilots will arrive next year so it will continue to shine as it has been until now," said the champion and wished to bring these monopoly direct from Europe.

With Scuncio still celebrating its first title, Saturday morning in Codegua, everything will focus on the definition of second and third place to fight Javier Scuncio (2nd), Vicente Bas (3rd) and Uruguay Facundo Garese (4th). The match was led by the second Scuncio, with 164 points, followed by Bas, with 148 points and Garese, with 135.

Where emotions are insured for the championship is in the series of TP Race and Tourism 2000 that are included in this nut event. In the first Javier Naser, the end date with Andrés Naranjo reaches only 11 points.

In TC 2000, Global Leader Nicolás Barbagelata is the first alternative to fasting the title in Codegua. While Felipe Ruiz, Felipe Gaete and Víctor Cornejo are the ones who will give the match.

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