Friday , December 4 2020

Everton defeated Antofagasta in a controversial and intense battle

Everton got a result that allowed them to leave the bottom of the table. Is that the cast in Viña del Mar got strong in the Sausalito Stadium and defeated the smallest account for Deportes Antofagasta in a very giant duel.

The match was lived intensively by the teams that played with everything and had a strong leg to stop the rival game. Felipe Flores first tried with a left-footed shot that did not enter, the same record that Juan Cuevas tried, but Agustín Rossi was careful to avoid the goal.

Viñamarinos's goal was scored in the 19th minute with a goal: Diego Orellana took the ball off the field and with his skilled leg put a fantastic shot that had no chance of tackling the former goalkeeper of Boca Juniors.

The controversy was installed at 39 & 39; as a fight left two players smaller. Tobías Figueroa saw the red card for a strong argument with Gonzalo Freitas, who reacted with an aggression to the former Unión Española and also sent him to the locker room.

The second part had the same intensity, and the & # 39; lines & # 39; were the ones who showed more to stay with the match. Cuevas and Maximiliano Cerato were the most active in their team, which began to complicate the fight by not defining in time. Flores had the most clarity in the visit to tie 68 & # 39; but his shot to the left went centimeters.

In the end, the box created "gold and the sky". Again the chances of increasing the benefit. At 85 °, Isaac Diaz ordered a dangerous contrast, which, unbelievably, failed in the final nail as he only had two teammates. At 87, the stick saved & # 39; after Cerato's shot.

Thus, the leaders of Gustavo Díaz gained their second victory in the tournament and are seventh with 7 points, while the CDA is 12 with 4 units, even though he has a pending battle with the Universidad de Concepción.

For the Copa Sudamericana, Deportes Antofagasta will have the decisive duel against Fluminense in Calvo and Bascuñán Stadium, a battle that will bring good chances to progress with a 0-0 draw in Brazil. To a great extent, Everton will return to the fight against Cobresal after the recess at FIFA.

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