Sunday , November 29 2020

Facebook missed more than 20% of the shooting videos in New Zealand

According to them, they are optimistic.

The shooting in New Zealand, which left about 50 deaths, stopped the world for a moment, and it was not the case that one of these patients sent live and directly from the most used social network in the world: Facebook.

Considering the seriousness of the problem and the fact that the author designed it specifically to be viral, the social network that has had the complex task of deleting and moderating it is more successful than others.

Facebook details that no less than 20% of the videos escaped them through their account Twitter.

300,000 videos, a number not avoided them, and that, in addition to using human moderators (who must have been quite concerned), they used the image and audio detection tools.

Despite all the efforts, anyone who wanted to watch the video could do it on Facebook, the network where it was easier to access, besides being the place that hosted the main transmission.

Another terrible place in the history of the Zuckerberg network, although we no longer expect anything good and the rod for the bad things that have happened has gone down so much that it does not surprise us.

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