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Filtered the first images of Star Wars 9 & # 39; with Kylo Ren, King and new characters

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The secret of the ninth installment Star Wars It is absolute. Few spoilers have escaped control of Lucasfilm and Disney, but a supposed massive leak shows the first pictures new characters in this episode IX and old known as Kylo Ren. King or Lando Calrrisian.

A user of Save your, JediPaxis, has released a photograph showing the appearance of several characters in the new Star Wars.Star Wars Episode IXSkywalker.

In collagen there are creatures without a name, like picture A. androids They also have their artistic references, as is the case with photo B with a new one Droid It will bother BB-8 & # 39; as described in Reddit. The suit off The resistance would be the design of option D.

In reference E, a Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings) with his new resistance movement. Jump for opportunities I and J, you see a suit and a helmet Kylo Ren, repaired and a piece.

Photography H shows king dressed in immaculate white style Jedi. In K, the character of Oscar Isaac. Poe Dameron, with new details and without the suit or jacket he used as a pilot.

In addition to many new costumes and galactic characters, you can see in O to one Lando much older, with no beard, but with the same yellow shirt and cape that he had in episodes V and VI of Star Wars

Nothing will be official until next December 20, 2019, scheduled release date for Star Wars Episode IX. With or without new costumes and characters, the family history will culminate


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