Thursday , December 3 2020

Finally Fortnite is compatible with these medium sized Android phones

Go that Fortnite has been made to ask for Android, especially if we're talking about mobile phones with middle processors.

Fortnite is something like Pokémon Go of 2018, specifically about the fame he has acquired and the fever to play around the world. Although initially, no luck was happening to Android users who had to wait more than the account for the game. And it has not changed much for medium-sized mobile phones, even though the game has already reached teams with simpler processors.

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Fortnite to mid-range mobile phones

Are you still waiting to play on your mobile phone? If you do not have a strong team, maybe or maybe maybe, your moment has finally come. These are the new processors who can play it without problems (in theory):

  • Snapdragon 710
  • Snapdragon 670

And the famous Snapdragon 660 for when?

At the moment you can play Fortnite with Snapdragon 660 … but only on a computer: Samsung Galaxy A9 or 2018. However, the entry of the game to this mobile phone suggests that in the not too distant future; Many of the other phones with this processor can finally install it.

Now the question remains: how well does the game play on mid-range mobile phones? It is yet to be seen and users will soon leave their opinions on it.

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