Friday , January 15 2021

For influenza, Hidalgo registers 37 deaths

From last Monday to Thursday, there were seven more deaths due to influenza in Hidalgo, so that there are already 37 deaths during the season of the disease; In addition, the state is the first with the most reported infections, according to the weekly report of the Directorate-General for Epidemiology (DGE) of the Federal Health Secretariat (SSA).

Until the previous week, the company was the third with the highest number of deaths due to the disease -30 cases, and was under the state of Mexico, which registered 36 and Puebla by 31.

However, the former reported no more deaths; The other, four, the reason why Hidalgo was laid upside down because it rained seven more deaths.

The unit reported the total number of deaths (37), nine occurred in 2018; the rest, so far in 2019.

Last year, during the season half of the disease, only three deaths were caused by this disease in the state; But during the current period, deaths rose 12 times.

Likewise, 52 deaths were recorded in the national context in 2018; 395 -7.5 several times – in 2019. As for the infections, last year was 2,000 151; This, 4 thousand 116.

Hidalgo is the sixth unit with the highest number (167) positive cases in the current seasonal season, under Tlaxcala, with 198; Veracruz, 206; Chihuahua, 222; Oaxaca, 240; The state of Mexico, 372, and the capital of the country, with 456.


  • According to official sources of Hidalgo (SSH) the Minister of Health is 50 percent of the deaths due to the fact that the affected persons required delayed medical care; In addition, most of the transmission occurred in the municipalities where there are more populations, such as Pachuca, Tulancingo, Ixmiquilpan
  • According to health, the flu season is from October to March

Giovanny Flores l Pachuca

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