Friday , January 22 2021

¿Fording? The TV note, which became the best place in Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is often recognized as a truck that lacks character to face obstacles. His hard gnaw stock was recorded many years ago in the Top Gear program, where a Hilux was subjected to the most demanding tests to be remembered on television and yet pick-up Japanese maintained its ability to continue walking.

A river? To Hilux it looks like a pool

Now comes the news from Iraq, a country that suffered heavy rain in December, decanting in severe floods. The news channel Rudaw was in a living office because a Range Rover had been caught in the abundance of a river, about one meter high.

An excavator was saving the English SUV when an old Toyota Hilux unexpectedly appeared on stage. As you can see, is pick-up Japanese –whose current generation is marketed in more than 140 countries– went through the torrent without problems.

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