Wednesday , January 20 2021

[FOTOS] This would look like the Samsung Galaxy S10

The series "Galaxy S" of Samsung is one of the smart phone ranges Most popular market and that's one of them main units for the South Korean company.

But one of the company's current flagships, it Galaxy S9, His days would have been spoken, more pictures have already appeared that would correspond successor of this device, it Samsung Galaxy S10.

The South Korean company always presents a new version of its "Galaxy S" to late February or early March, fits the date of Mobile World Congress, the most important mobile telephony fair in the world.

Last Wednesday OnLeaks, a Twitter account dedicated to publishing photos of future devices, uploaded images of How does Samsung's next high-end look like?, highlighted by the presence of a in front of the entire screen and a notch or "notch" located on the right side of the panel.

In addition, the device will have one dual camera on the front and four cameras on the back.

In the meantime, The fingerprint reader will be removed from the backsideto be integrated directly on the screen.

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<p itemprop=After revealing this filtering, the PhoneArena portal detected that a photo was filtered that would respond to South Korea's future flagship and it It was in the test phase of a factory belonging to the company.

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<p itemprop=Currently Samsung has not referred to these leaks, but the truth is that we will have to wait for late February or early Marchwhen the company announces its "Unpacked" event and Present to the world sequel to the Galaxy S9.

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