Tuesday , January 26 2021

Fouillioux rejects exjuez Valdés

Critics joined the deputy DC Matías Walker, who also questioned the rector of UC, Ignacio Sánchez.

A fierce analysis yesterday in Reportajes de La Tercera, former Supreme Court minister, Patricio Valdés, on the verdict of Judge Alejandro Madrid, describing, as a simple murder, the death of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva. Valdés said that "in the government I see only a number of suspicions and not evidence of a crime (…) In what part is the award concert, the meeting, the medical plan to try against the former president." He adds that in his opinion a simple murder cannot be considered a crime against humanity.

In light of this, the plaintiff's lawyer in Frei, Luciano Fouillioux, representative of DC, replied that "the murder is configured and documented by direct and indirect evidence or sufficient legal convictions in the participants and criminal type, with only the discussion of the assessment. international law is also proved. "

The lawyer questioned that a former judge asked a verdict: "It is in the presence of an operation dedicated to the weakening of a solid and much elaborated judgment. From the condemned point of view, they are determined to act from the media before they It is regrettable that a minister who is no longer in the judiciary who does not know the 62 volumes in the case today is prosecuting a couple's work, no wonder, while Mr Valdés never gave up his failures to cause DD.HH. "

On the same line, deputy DC Matías Walker on Twitter issued that "Mr. Valdés belonged to the Conservative wing of the Supreme Court and always opposed the imprescriptibility of crimes against humanity. In this way, he was and continues to be an explicit supporter of impunity. Also in the murder of President Frei. "

Walker also criticized the rector of the Catholic University, Ignacio Sanchez, who in an interview with El Mercurio said he trusted the innocence of the doctors on campus who were initially convicted as accessories. "It has been the UCS's constant attitude: to prevent investigation for the murder of Frei. Now defend the condemned. They will never accept the ruling, even if the heavenly court ratifies it …", he announced. Other DC deputies such as Iván Flores, Jorge Sabag and Gabriel Sílber agreed to the criticism.

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