Thursday , December 3 2020

General Director Mario Rozas compromises loyalty and refuses to talk about resignation of Hermes Soto | national

The new Director General of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, He spoke after the official agreement by President Sebastian Piñera.

This happens after the government has informed both congress houses through the presidential decree Piñera called for early retirement to Soto, which was approved by Comptroller & # 39; s Office after 10 pm 18:00

In his first words, before retiring from La Moneda, Roza's President thanked Piñera for trust and confidence He compromised his complete loyalty.

He also said he was already instructed by the president in connection with crime work and modernization projects by the institution.

Compared to Hermes Soto's controversial departure, he said so for now he would not talk about it, But when asked about the question of the officers, he urged to continue working quietly in everyday life in society.

"Karabineros are citizens who have left the community. We have become carabineros to serve the community, so it is our job and we know how to do it quite well "Rozas added.

He also said he would send a message recognition and unity for all his carabineros to continue on the road to crime control.

Goodbye to Hermes Soto

In the middle of his exit process, former General Carabineros, Hermes Soto, He arrived in Concepción to attend a ceremony at the School of Noncommissioned Officers in the Lomas Verdes complex.

"I leave with grief and pride in all the results in Bío Bío," said Soto as he walked through the area where he added "We are by far, by far the best institution in Chile" and asked the present to "continue to make the institution great".

Around. 8.30 left Soto quickly and without giving opinions of the cabinet.

The decree concluding the Hermes Soto termination will be published below this Saturday

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