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Labor and Social Affairs Minister Nicolás Monckeberg praised the unanimous approval of the bill, which makes it possible to pay the fixed family allowance since 15 February (better known as Bono Marzo), which has traditionally been paid in the third month of the year as the old name indicates.

The state secretary said that this would "allow the bond delivered in March to more than one and a half million families, to start paying from February 15, prevent some recipients from getting into debt, such as buying school supplies for their children, the product from the start of the school at the beginning of the monthsince they recently received the bonus later ".

"This bill was an initiative of various parliamentarians whom we were delighted because it seems that it helps the most vulnerable families to solve the costs in March, which for different reasons tend to be higher" He added about the origin of the initiative.

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It should be noted that the contribution each year takes into account the variation in the consumer price index (CPI). This year, the grant amounted to $ 45,212 per share. Load or family, so this amount will be adjusted under this criterion for 2019 for the benefit of more than 1 million 530 thousand families with lower incomes.

Review the following requirements to gain the benefit:

the Fixed family allowance goes to help two groups of people:

A) Beneficiaries for family or parent company and family allowance, which charges these services per 31 December of the year before the payment of the contribution. These people will receive a bonus for each family charge credited or causes subsidy.

B) Families belonging to Chile Solidario or to the Securities and Opportunities (Family Ethical Income) subsystem, Who were the recipients of these programs per. 31 December of the year before the payment of the contribution. These people will receive a bonus per. Family.

The payments of the family allowance are administered by the Social Security Institute (IPS), and those entitled to the contribution that usually receive benefits (Family Allowance and others) through this institution can receive it together with their usual payment.

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For people who have a RAC account from BancoEstado, they will be paid into their account without having to perform further procedures.

The deadline for collecting contributions is 9 months from the date of issue of the payment document. If a person believes that they are entitled to the benefit and not appear among the recipients, they will have a year to claim through the option that will be activated on the permanent family support website soon.

To know which persons are entitled to the family allowance in 2019, a website and call center will be activated before the start of the payment, which will be announced in a timely manner. People can hear if they are recipients, enter their race and date of birth.

The entire network will also be made available to people ChileAtiende to control this advantage.

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