Tuesday , January 26 2021

Hailey Baldwin reveals that Instagram causes anxiety

Hailey Baldwin used Instastories as a means to express the difficult experience he has experienced in the social platform.

since Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber was married, the model has been exposed to negative comments from haters who not only try to scare her with Selena Gomez, but also affect her marriage with the singer.

For the same reason, Hailey has taken constant breaks of Instagrambecause through Instastories revealed that this social platform It causes anxiety and it affects your mental health in a big way.

"Being out of Instagram is the best. Every time I take a break, I feel much better, as happy as a person. In the second moment I return, I feel an instant anxiety, and I'm getting sad.

"It's hard to concentrate on having well-being and mental health whenever every time you open Instagram, someone destroys their work, their relationship, or essentially something that's positive in their lives. I just do not think that we are called to live a life where we are easily caught by strange opinions about something we have nothing to do with "

"We have to step back and realize that we should express more love and encouragement among us, instead of constantly denying and judging people. This world has enough hate and pain, the last thing we need is more negativity, hatred and division "

This is not just a consequence of his marriage to Justin Bieber, but some years ago, Hailey Baldwin revealed to The Tiimes that social network they have been a means for people to spread their hatred against others …

Sometimes I feel it's too much. If I could have stayed longer, I would, but I had to send things to work. From the moment I hit it until I hit it again I was free.

It certainly does matter to the soul. There are times when I feel depressed or anxious, and a large part of it comes from it. If we did not have social media, we would have a lifted weight on our shoulders.

Therefore, I try to make my Instagram more about work and not about myself … There are times when I put something in and say, "Please, do not think it's me. This is work. & # 39; Even if you do not want it, criticism affects you. People tell me I'm ugly, I'm fat"

Without a doubt, social networks have been a negative medium for many celebrities, not for Selena Gomez, Jacob Elordi and Pete Davidson to decide to take long breaks after being victims of comments regarding their privacy.

Do you think we should all give us time without social networks?

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