Friday , December 4 2020

"He is an unhappy, he must be a prisoner"

The former national and FOX Sports panelist could not say that the parliamentarian told Colo Colo's coach to "not think" about the Mapuche case and the bag.

In his presentation at Colo Colo, Mario Salas did not escape any topic. And when he knew you saw another Mapuche in the chest, he referred to the murder of Camilo Catrillanca, who assured our indigenous people "I should have a different status".

This did not give the UDI the senator the same Iván Moreirawho ordered him "Dedics to train the team and not to talk about political readiness". And before that, Rodrigo Goldberg couldn't stand the floor with the parliamentarian.

"Does anyone really miss this about Moreira? Besides being a corrupt man, a guy who should be in prison, he's a smoker. This guy is an imbecile. He must have been in prison twice: only when he was forgiven of the debt in the dictatorship and now "shot Polaco for 90 minutes by FOX Sports Chile.

"Now it's time to make choro. He's an imbecile. It's bigger field imbecile this tIPO. It's a shame that a guy he sits in parliament. It's a big brand of shame. This guy should be in jail. He was dumb and now opens the mouth of the asshole, "he concluded.

Goldberg refers to the e-mails that were leaked in 2014, when Moreira asked Hugo Bravo, head of the Penta Group, money to fund his campaign with euphemism as "a scraping of the pot" or "a fuel coupon". Finally, the Senator paid a fine of 35 million pesos and avoided the oral test, thus restoring his immunity and maintaining the republic's senator.

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