Saturday , January 16 2021

"He is not a child, therefore he can not be pushed by anyone"

The Director General of Carabineros referred to the statements by exuniformado who were accused of Camilo Catrillancan's death and assured that a lawyer from the institution and former head of Gope de La Araucanía instructed them to conceal information about Camilo Catrillasas death.

The General Director of Carabineros, Hermes Soto, reacted during this day to the words of ex-Sergeant Carlos Alarcón, revealed by The thirdthat a uniformed police officer "told us what to say" about the death of Mapuche member Camilo Catrillana.

Alarcón also said in his ruling that "The lawyer Cristian Inostroza told us what to say, and my eldest (Manuel) Valdivieso supported him. Also on this occasion, the lawyer Inostroza asked us if we were with cameras. Raúl Ávila said he was with a camera, and before this, the lawyer Inostroza told us that the version would be that no one was with cameras. "

The exuniformado accused of Mapuche Comuno's death accused the former head of Gope in the region, Major Manuel Valdivieso, to call his attention. "He tried to weaken me, he told me to be calm that everything would turn out well, but when I told him the truth, did he ask me I would go to prison? He did not tell me to be weak and stuck."he stated.

In that regard, Hermes Soto criticized the statements of the former sergeant, suggesting that exuniformado "I had 25 years of service in the institution, an adult, have enough maturity to decide what's right and wrong."

Soto added that if Alarcón "determined to do what he did, he was wrong. He is not a child, therefore he can not be squeezed by anyone. "

"He should have fulfilled, as appropriate, what the law allows and oblige", concluded the highest authority in the uniformed police.

In the morning, a video of the director-general was sent to the officials of the institution in the midst of the crisis against the unified police of the comunero's death, telling him that "we can not continue on the roads, the unnecessary use of power and the arbitrary use of weapons ".

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