Monday , January 18 2021

He "self-exiled" in the south and does not have a cell phone

Comedian Juan Pablo Flores was one of the most famous of the "Club de la Comedia" program, but after his period he left television and there was little known about his whereabouts.

So far neither his colleagues understand the motivation for his self-refuge, which led him south of our country, between Villarrica and Pucón, to live away from the cameras, and even social networks.

But this week he returned to the frog after his former work colleague, Sergio Freire, visited him and published a picture on Instagram with him with the summary "It's always good to see you friend, laughter afternoon with the big JP Flowers".

The image generated thousands of comments that he consulted. Freire gave some details to the newspaper La Cuarta, where he said "it was cool to see him again".

Instagram: Sergio Freire

"He's the only one who fled us. The only way to know about him is to come and see him. He doesn't have a cell phone, social networking, something that ties him to the world. It was an afternoon of laughter, to have it fun with the family, it's a meeting more friendship than professional. I keep it up to date on things happening in Santiago, reported it, so the cache like everything is, "said the comedian.

His partner in this self-refugee would be Alejandra Riquelme, who at the same time confirmed that he is "super good" and prefers not to give interviews.

Freire confirmed this version and referred to him as "a young pensioner. I feel he did, life is very enviable, but more importantly, I see him very happy. He has a very well-known life, he is a builder, he also have other things, it's his wave, he's a pro family, "he confirmed.

On the possibilities of returning to the scene, Freire was shortly before the question, but did not close the hopes.

"He only knows (return). Yes, I can say that with him I would always work happy, moreover I write a movie and I have a role designed for him. I know the cinema doesn't tell you no"He judged.

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