Monday , November 23 2020

Héctor Morales began a peculiar campaign against deputy Camila Flores: not to mention her more | present

If we talk about political figures that cause controversy for their statements, Congressman Camila Flores is undoubtedly one of them.

Recently, one of his statements was "welts" that he launched in the General Council of National Renewal. "You know me, I'm a Pinochetista, and I'm saying it without problems (…) I'm grateful to the military government, and I'll always say that, although it gives people in the communist party and frantic amplio river leaves. I'm a brave woman, and I'm asking the same from you, "he said.

The above mentioned her a criticism of social networking and also on television as he was in the TVN El Informante program, where Natalia Valdebenito called the audience not to miss Flores' words.

"The pinochet is torture, death, genocide, secret, mafia, that's all the pain that Chile has. And in front of the excuse you can never go back", emphasized the former Comedy Club.

But today is a new figure of the act that attacked the National Renewal militant: Hector Morales, who launched a campaign on social networks, so the name of the name president is no longer called and thus reduces media importance.

"Good morning. I think it's good to make a hit with this little girl RN influencer with surname (flower emoji). Do not do what the media does for all of us in the eyes and patience. Sponsor the campaign as well as the man with the surname K. (Not RT , not the name) ", the actor wrote on his Twitter account.

Finally, his idea had great acceptance in the social network when he added more than 3,000 "Like" and thousands of retweets.

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