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Hermes Soto without credit line

In La Moneda they say that the official still has the government's support, but his achievements and especially his leadership are questioned not only in the political world and the ruling party itself, but also within the uniform police itself. Their internal enemies, they said in the institution, have been re-activated, and General Rivera's resignation was considered unambiguously as a clear signal that his command capacity is increasingly governed.

Although Hermes Soto still has the government's support to remain as General Director of Carabineros, he can hardly be calm. It has too many fronts open, flanks of political and internal conflicts in the institution that do not allow room to avoid new mistakes, other versions or surprises in bad taste for La Moneda as it has been the trend of the turbulent month that has been facing the police uniformed and the administration of Sebastián Piñera after Camilo Catrillana's crime in the hands of Comando Jungla.

From the palace the cross-sectional version is that General Soto will not leave his post only eight months after being appointed and if his appointment is closely linked to Piñera's mediocre decision on deep renewal of Carabinero's high command following the crisis that the institution experienced due to millionaire worth of "Pacogate" and the failure of Operation Hurricane. It was the step that the current administration debuted to do what the former government did not, and so it weighs so much today in La Moneda, it makes it hard for them to think about getting the maximum lead of the uniformed police.

Likewise, Soto can not be fun. In addition, a few believe that he is hanging out of a thread, and one of the reasons is that in his own rows is a strong question of his leadership. Carabinero's sources agree that lack of defense of General Christian Franzani – whose resignation was expressly requested by the Ministry of the Interior – undermined Soto's supremacy among the troops. Franzani, former director of order and security, and to whom the public ministry highlighted the reserved meetings he had in La Araucanía after the crimes of criminals.

In fact, Franzani's deputy general José Luis Rivera lasted only a few days at the office and told the press: "I'm going, I do not want my family to pick me up later. I'm tired of everything." Soto asked him about not to resign at least until today to not complicate the government before the interpellation of Minister Andres Chadwick, who took place last night in the Chamber of Commons. Something that obviously did not happen since early Monday was already known about the dismissal.

Rivera's words were interpreted inside Carabineros as an unequivocal signal that General Soto's command capacity was increasingly broken. In this context, it is not excluded that other officials may bow to the general withdrawal, those who have already expressed their reservations, to go aside and to whom the Director-General would have made the same request to wait a couple days.

The internal noise that led to Franzani's departure adds that the troops, they said, felt that members of the Jungle Command were unnecessarily "exposed" to an investigation as civilians and not to a soldier for the prevention of justice and murder . . This excitement made all Soto's "enemies" in karabinero rows – which at the beginning of his administration attempted to counteract his increase by postponing his resume reactivated and is now in full activity with much more strength in the light of obvious weakness where the general is.

The origin of the bulbs

But there is something else that can remove Hermes Soto's sleep. Since Monday, prosecutors Roberto Garrido, Cristián Paredes and Jorge Caldarara in Santiago have been in charge of a round of key interrogation, especially to remove the edge of "barriers to justice". In other words, how the idea of ​​delivering a false version about the death of katrillana took shape.

On Monday, General Soto was presented as a witness. Prosecutors asked him how he heard of the operation, where the young Mapuche member died, and when he just knew that the Gope troops lay.

This last detail is the key to what happens to the Director General's future. Last week, the lawyer Cristián Inostroza Quiñiñir was declared an accused and what has arisen from the investigation is so far that this Carabinero legal adviser is identified as the one that, together with the police, produced the crossfire product's version of a confrontation with Mapuche. The same version allegedly transferred to Soto.

On Monday, Secretary General Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, former Director General of Carabineros, resigned on November 19 for "personal reasons", as he said. The otherHe was the first to contact Inostroza for the legal support of the involved police officers, and then warned Soto – through a message about WhatsApp – that something was "important and complicated". According to him, the order from the General Manager of Carabineros "sent you a strong team to support the old people."

But the order was like a shot in the foot. So far, it is known that Inostroza helped collect the fake version by instructing Franzani, one of the members of the high command closest to Soto.

At the moment, both Franzani – who testified yesterday before prosecutors – and Inostroza outside Carabineros, are no longer guilty of total loyalty to the institution, except General Soto. Inside the uniformed police confirmed that the relationship between the Director-General and his former Chief of Order and Security has been completely cut. Something that clearly poses a risk because if they involved the highest authority in the uniformed police in front of the accusations of the origin of the fake version, they would be left without room for action or opportunities to survive the crisis. And in view of Chadwick's close cooperation with the prosecutor Cristián Paredes, in La Moneda, they would be the first to know.

Without credit line

La Moneda has already "forgiven his life" when he was convened on Monday, December 3 to give explanations for the video that Sergeant Carlos Alarcón took during pretrial detention, claiming he was forced to lie. At this meeting, where President Piñera, Chadwick and the Interior Minister, Rodrigo Ubilla attended, there was discrimination against Soto, who acknowledged to have no explanation for recording and disseminating the irregular video. At this meeting, General Kurt Haarmann, Director of Personnel, Chadwick's former aide camp, and one of those who seem to replace Soto, if the final decision is to remove him, was also.

Government sources acknowledge that "an amendment in the scenario could pave the way to take out" General Soto. This means that, until today, La Moneda's political backing continues, but any other irregular situation would mean the end of the official as Director General.

The government is also worried that the fact that Soto has grown from the recent facts to the antagonistic sides of the institution, the invoices to charge between "villalobistas and hermesistas", which increases the confusion in the police ranks uniformed.

Neither the support of the ruling party is monolithic. On the one hand, RN's ranger Mario Desbores was quadrated with General Soto, but his deputy, Gonzalo Fuenzalida, was categorically two days ago when he said he had "doubts that he could continue his position with the things, There is happening and still what we should find out that we do not know (…). It is clear that a person questioned his position must make his position available. "

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