Monday , November 30 2020

Highlights Alexis Sanchez returns to Manchester United: "He played the game well" | sport

Alexis Sánchez had a good start in Manchester United this 2019, after being more than a month out of court after the injury he suffered last year in the "Red Devils".

The Chilean came into the 62's comparison before Newcastle and ended up being the key to the 2-0 win that got its throw.

For it is from England that praised the Chilean. "Sanchez, he returned for the first time for more than a month without interruption, and he did very well", the mid-sized Manchester evening began.

In that line, they claimed that "It was Sanchez who played the team game and Rashford in the strike in the 80th minuteAnd he did well, having let it face the definition before the rival goalie ".

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