Friday , May 14 2021

Honduras U-20 makes a victory-like draw against Costa Rica

Florida, USA.

the Honduras team scored 1-1 against Costa Rica in the beginning of the group G of the triangular of Premundial Sub-20 taking place in the United States.

The result was valuable for Bicolor because he was playing with a smaller man after 37 minutes child expulsion of defender Mariano Álvarez.

The squad leading coach Carlos Tábora will play next month against the United States at the end of the second stage of the championship, which will give four tickets of Concacaf to the 2019 World Cup in Poland.

Honduras was very superior from the start of the match and showed good treatment of the ball before a tico team that had fence uncomfortable.

Carlos "Zapatilla" Mejía was a disgusting left side and bothered Costa Rica's low, even shooting 10 minutes in the rivalry area, but the referee's Ismael Cornejo left the game straight and did not penalize anything.

Four minutes after the mistake of Arquero Catracho Óscar Reyes and almost scored Andrés Gómez.

But the initial celebration was catracha and deserved. Free kick is performed by "Zapatilla" Mejía and appeared in the first entry to end the attacker's left leg Josué Villafranca sent the ball on a plate for 1-0.

Cristian Cálix started to come completely into the match and combined with Patrick Palacios, but it raised the plan.

Everything fell to Bicolor in a minute 37. Central Mariano Alvarez attacked an opponent and was expelled. Everything changed for the citizens with one player less.


From the beginning of the second time there was a monologue. Costa Rica went over and took off quickly.

Big filtration game and Andrés Gómez were well defined before the end of the goal Óscar Reyes. It was 1-1.

Ticos insisted and had many opportunities to define the match with Ronaldo Araya, Diego Mesés and Yecxy Jarquín, but the national goal was consolidated and was a figure.

Already at the meeting, Bicolor had the most dangerous, Calix overflow right and Selvin shot "Pibe" Guevara near the crossbar. Thus the duel ended.

The main adjustments:

Honduras: Óscar Reyes; Mariano Álvarez, Jonathan Núñez, Wesly Decas, Axel Gómez; Jean Baptiste, Gerson Chávez, Cristian Cálix, Carlos Mejía, Josué Villafranca and Patrick Palacios.

Costa Rica: Kevin Chamorro, Diego Masén, Alexis Gamboa, Sebastian Castro, Carlos Martinez, Orlando Galo, Amferny Arias, Ronaldo Araya, Yecxy Jarquín, Andrés Gómez and Andy Reyes.

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