Wednesday , November 25 2020

"Hope comes in letters"

On Friday, Primer Plano did a special on predictions in 2019. Therefore, at Tarotistas Latife and Vanessa Daroch, as Fran García-Huidobro advised on various characters.

"Cathy Barriga will be President of Chile?", Was one of the consultations of the celebrity cheerleader of Chilevisión. And although he also indicated that the mayor "is super-brave," Latife Soto continued to talk about the opportunities to rise in his political career.

"The truth of the matter is that when she came into this world of politics, she ate as far as she could go. That is, she won't be like mayor. And in the letters comes hope, understanding, interest. Her interest is to reach the highest of what can come, "he said.

"Will he get it?" Asked Francisca García-Huidrobro, this Latife stated that "the truth of things is that it has come forward. Anyway, this girl will really move on. People will be captivating"

García-Huidobro: "It's just that I threw it out so many times from talent shows. You can send me as a cultural attaché to South Africa."

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