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Horoscope of November 11, 2018 | Good day for love

The moon moves within the sign of Stenbocken. The planetary Ceres precursor of abundance goes into Scorpio. The planets Venus, Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Neptune in Pisces continue retrograde.

In love affairs there is a very positive effluvium that sets out approaches and unions, but at the same time requires seriousness and fulfills what you promise. With the emergence of Ceres in the sign now governed are prosperity for many signs. They will offer you new job responsibilities and you will receive additional income that will help you balance your finances.

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If your character is of the element Fire, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, do not exaggerate because there is a risk of waste and want to spend more than you can. Love, exciting days come true true honeymoon where the uncontrolled is fixed. Your intuition helps you discover the values ​​of the person who takes you closer to your life. It's your moment to fully enjoy the gift of love.

The elements of the earth, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn's native move in a dynamic wave. Another signal in your common sleep patterns should not be taken easily, but as a warning to know what to do with your life and what you must attack to overcome. It promotes all that is related to learning and study; you will be interested in something new that will change your working dynamics. Add time to learn more about the technical details of your work, especially if you are in a new position that requires more knowledge. In sentimental matters, the fruits may mature and fall by themselves, do not force the situation, love comes in its moment.

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If you are part of the item air, which are the characters Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, you will find the answers you are looking for within yourself. You vibrate in a sensitive tone and you will be happy everywhere. This phase of your life that begins today will be full of new times where you have to make important decisions. Your work is good, do not worry about getting new options and suggestions, offers related to your job and even the possibility of payroll or better position within your current working conditions.

Finally, the signs of Water, cancer, scorpion and fish, they move in the tone of the surprises. Although some delays occur initially, you will once pass the first urge so that you see how the resources are so necessary to make your economy progress successful. A somewhat confusing situation will be clarified so quietly, everything will be solved! Even in those moments when you think "heaven is joining the earth" because everything has become complicated. If any problems arise, you will see how to find stores and solutions, what you want is met. Think before you speak and you will not have any difficulties. What you thought was an impossible manifestation in the right way and as long as you retain your enthusiasm, no matter what might have happened, you will see that life is laughing at you.

Check out your daily horoscope and you will discover many things that will surprise you, while giving you great joy, do not stop doing it!

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