Sunday , November 29 2020

How much a dealer of Uber Eats or Rappi wins in Mexico

Rappi and Uber Eats become quite famous in Mexico, but how do your distributors talk about monthly profits?

Uber Eats and Rappi may seem the same, but they are not, even though many dealers actually work for two platforms at the same time. It's a risky job on the streets in Mexico Cityand in fact it is not as well paid as rumors mentioned earlier.

Uber Eating

In case of stove, you pay directly to the app for the restaurant when you order your order. From here, the company breaks its part into the delivery. Of course, it depends on the distance that has traveled between the restaurant and the destination.

The deposit made to the distributors already has a discount on the application. An approximate example; If the shipment has a price of 30 pesos, Uber will hold 10.50 and delivery 19:50. Thus, your earnings depend largely on how many hours you work and how many orders you have per day.

Working all day, approx. few thousand and 8 thousand pesos per. Month. These figures are based on interview drivers with delivery drivers, but may vary depending on season and work area.

How much a dealer of Uber Eats or Rappi wins in Mexico


In Rappi things change. Here normally the rappitendero (dealer) is buying with his money the things people ask, and then the company deposits it. However, there is another method in which Rappi makes a "loan" to pay for the order. Despite this, they must also give their quota to the app.

In terms of profit, those in Rappi are very similar to those of Uber Eats, although there is the disadvantage of having to manage the money themselves. It all depends on the hours you work, and per trip you can get between 10 and 20 pesos (in Rappi the freight costs) much more variable).

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