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How the outpatient clinics will work during the break in San Martín and San Roque hospitals – AIM Digital

In order to guarantee the essential benefits and operation of the various dependencies, the Government of the Government of Public Administration stated at Decree 4480 of 14 December 2018 a holiday (December 26 to 28) and recess (between 2 and 11 January 2019 , due to the regular annual license). The Ministry of Health has, for its part, issued Decision 5206, which establishes the provision of essential and inevitable services at hospitals and health centers through minimum surveillance.

San Roque Hospital

With regard to the reference hospitals in Paraná, San Martín participates in an external clinic within 8 to 11 years: Ophthalmology Guards; renal diseases; cardiology; oncology; hematology; infectious diseases; Gynecology and Thoracic Surgery (Wednesday and Thursday); vaccination for yellow fever (Wednesday and Friday), biochemistry and general surgery (Thursday).

Similarly, also in the capital of Entre Ríos, the maternity hospital San Roque stated that the benefits of Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Healthy Child (Morning Change), Urology and Plastic Surgery (these last two per license) are not performed externally. While performing external consulting areas of: Dermatology (Wednesday and Thursday), surgery (Friday), traumatology, phonoaudiology, neurology, nephrology, high risk, adolescent, endocrinology, oncohematology, palliative care and ophthalmologist.

health centers

For its part and with the aim of securing benefits during the administrative holiday next week in more than 200 primary health centers in the province, the Ministry of Health has established relevance through the above regulations, organization and health planning. In this way, it was established that the provincial health institutions will remain open on the days of 26, 27 and 28 December during the usual hours, except that basic healthcare will be provided.

However, the tasks and functions to be performed during these days will be assigned and planned by the responsible directors according to the dynamics of the care centers and with the understanding that each complexity will determine the path to organize to provide better services.

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