Saturday , November 28 2020

"I hope Matías Fernández exceeds what I did in Junior": Cristian Montecinos

P. How do you analyze Matías Fernández today?


The story and the processes say players are getting away from time to time, I'm not saying that Matías Fernández carries Barranquilla down, but he has difficulty playing several years at a good level and logically it won't be the same. Same Matias of the 22 years. Today, it has other properties, and they are the ones to exploit. Do not think that you will meet a Matthias who will go much more than he can, there is a physical problem and it always happens in the players. I hope it fits the Junior and is the best for him. That they get titles and shows. I hope he makes his game, it depends on a lot of the quality and importance of giving him in his game.

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