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"I went dirty, studying with a stomach" Glamorama

Author: C. Z. / December 12, 2018

"I have a degree in psychology, adapted to the law. I went out dirty, studying with a stomach, with my baby, now 20 years old." Then Cathy Barriga was released by a note in which she was accused of not completing her studies.

Mayor Maipú, in an interview with invaders, responded to a release of the La Voz de Maipú portal. In the memorandum, she was accused of "faking" and "laying down" her academic background when she was registered as a candidate for a municipality in Santiago in 2016. "She was a citizen in the fourth means," they said.

The mayor studied in the 90's, but according to the media it was only in 2017 that the mayor obtained an academic education at Santo Tomás University, as evidenced by a document they published.

On this, Cathy got the voice and delivered his version in welcoming:

Cathy Barriga: "I recommend that you go to the Ministry of Education, first and foremost to confirm. My life has been transparent. Every action I do, and now more than ever, I am a person who plays a role as mayor of a municipality. more things are beneficial to one, in that sense because there are people that disturb you so transparent. My life has always been public. And I have the best memories of my time at the university.

"I do not want to provide a platform for media that is local, the evil that has a very clear political framework.

"Do not get interconnected, children. I have a degree in psychology, adapted to the law." I went out dirty, studying with a stomach, with my baby, who is now 20 years old and nothing to say about it. I do not want to die in the lie. The papers are in the public system as anyone who has studied and I'm licensed in high-pride psychology. And I got that degree with my pregnancy and nothing to say. To dumb words, deaf ears. "

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