Tuesday , January 26 2021

If you suffer from psoriasis, the sun may be your ally in the summer

Nine out of 10 people suffering from psoriasis notice an improvement in their skin lesions during the summer. It was noted that dermatologists from the Argerich Hospital in Buenos Aires recommended that these patients have the sun as an ally and that they regularly expose themselves to their rays, but avoid burns.

"UV light from the sun is beneficial for psoriatic lesions in the skin as UV radiation acts on the cells of the epidermis and produces an immunomodulatory effect that reduces inflammation and proliferation of keratinocytes (thickness and desquamation) of psoriasis plaques," the dermatologist explained. Alejandra Abeldaño during an interview with the Télam agency.

Abeldaño, a specialist in oncology dermatology and head of the dermatology unit of the acute hospital Cosme Argerich, explained that in medicine, UV radiation originates from special lamps or rays used to treat psoriasis and other conditions of skin such as vitiligo. atopic dermatitis, lymphomas or scleroderma.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease manifested by the combination of genetic, immunological and environmental factors.

The lesions that occur in the form of crusts and are present all year round usually affect the scalp, torso, knees, elbows, palms and soles.

It is estimated that between 2% and 3% of the Argentine population suffer from psoriasis, which does not distinguish between gender or age.

"Although some patients may, in a particular indication of the dermatologist, expose the unprotected lesions to better absorption of UV rays, insufficient sun exposure can produce the opposite effect to the desired and worsening", the specialist warned.

Therefore, it is important to use protection with a factor of 30 or more, renew it every two hours, or when leaving the water, do not stay in the sun for more than an hour and moisten the skin with creams or emulsions. "Even with healthy skin, the dangerous time zone should be avoided, which is between 11 and 16," Abeldaño said.


For its part Nora Poggio, a dermatologist specializing in psoriasis and head of the photomedic section of the dermatology unit in Argerich pointed out that patients who want to see more and better benefits for their exposure to the sun are those who exhibit moderate or severe forms of disease.

"Ultraviolet light from the sun (heliotherapy) or phototherapy works in a complementary manner and is compatible with other treatments focused on inflammatory processes and production of T cells (lymphocytes)," said the professional who suggested not to interrupt the treatment.

"Treatment maintenance is essential to control the disease regardless of the season," he warned.

The Dermatology Unit at the Argerich Hospital, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca, was designated in 1973 as a municipal center for patient care with psoriasis and has recently acquired a new narrowband ultraviolet B radiator which will surely allow the indications of its use in children to be expanded. and pregnant or breastfeeding women, highlighted professionals in this health center.

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