Friday , December 4 2020

In England do they launch this year's false: Bale por Pochettino?

By the end of 2018, it False of the year. in England They have been waiting until December to launch the most regrettable rumor of recent times. They have insured, from Daily Star, to Bale enters Operation & # 39; Pochettino& # 39 ;. What way to lie! (FIFA sets world crown at Bale)

Mauricio Pochettino It is not the goal of Real Madrid. Santiago Solari had marked the Club World Cup as a key, to make money and continue to the end of the season, and he has achieved it with flying colors.

the Tottenham will Gareth Bale and Real Madrid hesitates to put him or her in the transfer market. Daniel Levy would agree with the sale of Mauricio Pochettino, or the tabloids say whether the Welsh man entered the operation. (News DC: Bale's amazing game and the doubt of the 130 million)

I would not do it directly, I would only do it if Real Madrid He agrees to sell to his star. In the yes it would return Bale to London and would give the green light to the departure of the Argentine coach. The problem is that in their own white equipment they do not give authenticity to the subject that speaks Daily Star

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