Tuesday , January 19 2021

InSight probe took his first selfie on Mars

Since landing on Mars on November 26, NASA's InSight spacecraft has decided and taken pictures. Now the landing module He has used his robot arm to take a selfie.

This is not a typical selfie like yours. It is in fact one 11 mosaic mosaic of the camera on the country's robot arm.

If that sounds familiar to you, it's because the type of ship rover curiosity have used the same process of taking overlapping images to create a selfie and other images that come together in a later process.

The first InSight selfie consists of 11 photographs taken by the mission and inserted side by side (NASA).

The image shows the InSight solar panel, and the platform of instruments is displayed in full screen.

The lander has also taken pictures of his new home. You have sent 52 pictures of the land area 4.2 m with 2.1 m that is just in front of the spacecraft.

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This "work area" will be analyzed by mission researchers, so InSight knows where to put the instruments on the martian surface. The seismometer and the heat flow probe have a flat surface below them without stone.

And the flat and stable surface, as researchers expected, turned out to be just that. InSight landed in an almost rockless hole, which can be a meteorite battlefield that was filled with sand. In short, it will make things easier for the heat flow probe when you have managed to drill 4.8m below the surface.

"The almost lack of cliffs, hills and holes means that it will be very safe for our instruments"InSight said lead researcher Bruce Banerdt of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "It may seem like a pretty simple terrain if it was not on Mars, but we're happy to see it."

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