Friday , January 15 2021

iPhone 2019 becomes even more Samsung for the screen, says reports

If you have shown up to our votes for Golden Stack 2018 for the best smartphone You may realize that Apple receives a monumental battle. This year, a large terminal and demand for iPhone 2019 would not have been higher.

There is no doubt that the latest rumors around this terminal could be considered as twisted at least. Since the iPhone 2019 apparently will actually have a good deal of a Samsung tip in its inner.

Samsung Apple iPhone

According to a report from the Asian media ET News, Apple would have entered into negotiations with Samsung. For the company to manufacture screens with technology Y-Octa for your future iPhone.

This kind of screen is nothing more than an OLED with the touch screen integrated right there in the panel.

This technology is fully developed by Samsung and will be present in its advanced smartphones. And apparently also on iPhone 2019.

Y-Octa's grace is that it eliminates the need to connect two layers; one on the screen and one on the touch panel. It also makes the repair costs for manufacturers more succulent.

Now it would help to make smartphones much thinner and easier in weight. So if that's true, this iPhone with Samung spirit would be really thin.

But there is no great news in this alliance. The Asian company, after all, also produces the OLEDs in iPhone X and iPhone XS.

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