Saturday , November 28 2020

IPN researchers in Mexico are able to completely remove Papiloma virus in women

Mexico is proud of its scientific community because they recently managed to remove the human papillomavirus in women.

In Mexico, we achieved what we had not imagined before, it was thanks to a group of scientists belonging to the National Polytechnic Institute and the performance we are talking about is … Eliminate the human papilloma virus completely in 29 women.

This achievement was achieved thanks to a photodynamic therapy It completely eradicates HPV and again eliminates premalignant cervical cancer lesions in the early stages of this.

Mexico IPN VPH

In the first part of the study, the results were encouraging as they were applied to the women in Oaxaca and Veracruz. Using the technique for the capitalists, it had a very hopeful effect, which allows for the treatment to be more effective.

Said Dr. Eva Ramón Gallegos in an interview with El Reforma, who led this study, conducted with the help of 29 women who had HPV. His team consists of Marco Antonio Amoroso Hernandez, Angel Laguna Cancino, Dora Estela Joven Galdamez, Barbara Carrión Solano, Guadalupe Balderas Martinez, Eduarda Parra Rossana, Inés Castellanos Oliveros, Rosa Linda Bello Leiva, Maria Eugenia Melo Petrone, Gumaro Narciso Morales and Patroness Jiménez Martínez.

Mexico IPN VPH

As a result, these tests provided 100% HPV eradication in women who did not have premalignant lesions, in excess of 64.3% in those who had pre-existing lesions.

It is expected that this study will result in many lives beneficial in the near future, Without a doubt, a great achievement for these Mexican researchers.

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