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Is it true that the sugar that the fruits bring does not harm our health? | life

the sugar As we find in candy and other processed foods, it has a very rich taste, but it can be harmful to our health if we consume it in surplus. And today it can be very easy to overdo it without realizing it, because many of the foods they sell in commerce bring large amounts of added sugar.

The reason why it is not recommended is that it has high levels of empty calories, that is, they have a low concentration of nutrients. These empty calories tend to contain large amounts of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates such as mono- and disaccharides, and unhealthy lipids as saturated fats, so excessive consumption can lead to wall problems.

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There are fruits that also contain a lot of sugar, but unlike processed foods, they do not cause us to gain weight or harm our health. On the contrary, doctors and nutrition experts often recommend eating lots of fruit because they contain nutrients that help keep our bodies healthy.

Some may wonder if it is true that sugar in fruit is not harmful. And the answer is yes, it does not harm our health. The reason is that It's another type of fabric. Not the same as the sugar that brings a cherry to the caramel-containing one.

The Spanish newspaper El País explains that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it Fruits contain their own sugar, which is naturally found in vegetables.

WHO adds that there is no scientific evidence that intrinsic sugar can be hazardous to health, so there is no need to limit their consumption.

On the other hand, the company specifies that processed foods usually contain free sugars and that these have been scientifically associated with an increased risk of caries and chronic diseases.

Therefore, the WHO recommendation is that our intake of free sugars (processed) does not exceed 10% of our daily calorie intake.

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